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1st picture i took of K464BAC.

It was a LHD 1993 Camel Trophy Discovery with 93,000 miles on the clock.

The 1st time i took KBAC off road.

Taken at Witworth Quarry nr Rochdale.

Back at Witworth and stuck again.

At Langdale Quest off road centre in Yorkshire.

Trying it's best to submerge.

KBAC at Tong nr Bradford.

The infamous "tent on a roof" at Billing 04, very comfy but a pain in the arse to bolt the roof rack extension on and i did get some very funny looks.

Langdale Quest 05 as a RHD

Langdale Quest 05

And this is what happens when you drive too fast through water splashes.

More fun at Witworth Quarry.


Mud Run at Billing.

Didn't see that hump.

and back down to earth with a splash.

Waiting to start the Egg Run at LRO Malvern 05.

Popping balloons at Malvern 05.

Winching my way down some ruts at Eastnor Castle on the Bobs Bash 2005.

Still Winching.

Not me winching anymore because the winch burnt out. Doh!

Snatch recovery by Tony and Graham in their 1996 Disco raft unit strapped to Bob Ives's 1997 110.

Plus lots of people digging and rocking the car.

Out at last.

Bit of a side slope at Eastnor, it looked a lot steeper from inside!



What happens if you don't change your cambelt. Or what happens if you believe the chap you bought the car off when he says the cambelts been done.


Front wings off for rust proofing and undersealing