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In February and March 2005 i decided to convert KBAC from a Left hand drive to a Right hand drive, i had been quoted around 1500 from a garage to do the job. I noticed a 1990 3 door Disco on ebay with no engine or box, a deal was done and i became the proud owner of a green rusty disco.

The pictures that follow are just a quick history of the conversion, all in all it took around 6 weeks to do. If i had to do it again and could work on it every day i think i could do it in a week.( With Marks help )

Just Starting, Roll cage, O/S seat and steering wheel removed.

Centre console, cowling and binnacle removed.

Dashboard just off.

This is the point where i started to get cold feet. The only bits of LHD left are the column holder, the pedals and the wiper motor.

Mark sorting out the wiring loom. All you need to do it turn the loom 180o and extend the repeater wires.

Hole where the wiring plate used to be and where the master cylinder/pedal box is going.

As above but different. Wiring plate to be moved to this side.

RHD stuff starting to appear, handed column carrier and modified pedal box along with wiper motor hidden behind the sound proofing.

The RHD oily bits which wear the easiest bits, didn't have to change the swivels because the camels come with RHD and LHD swivels. RHD power steering box dripping in the foreground, needed replacing within a 1000 miles.

Another view of the oily bits.

Big leap forward in pictures, RHD dash now in with the steering fitted along with the binnacle and storks.

LHD pedals modified to fit by taking the "dog Leg" bend out of the accelerator pedal.

Centre console back in with the handbrake lever moved to the right side.

Finished.... nearly, got to put the Land Rover Badge back on the wheel.